Why Your Attitude Can Be Your Biggest Asset

October 29, 2018

Why Your Attitude Can Be Your Biggest Asset

By: Hina Kahn

Imagine being a recruiting officer and you have two applicants you are deciding between: one has more than enough skills for the job, has an impeccable resume and went to a well-known school for his craft. The second candidate’s skill set is not as advanced as the first candidate, has worked at some decent places and passed her studies at a not-so-well known school. No-brainer, right? But the first candidate is cocky. He interrupts a lot in the interview and even checks his phone a few times. The second candidate is positive, engaging and asks well-thought out questions.

It’s not so cut and dried now. Or is it?

Attitude is a composite of our thoughts, feelings and actions. It’s our response to the outside world. It’s our viewpoint, mindset and beliefs all wrapped up in a bundle. Our attitude is our calling card, in all aspects of our world. It’s a driving force in our personality that affects all our interactions with people in our professional and personal lives. We all know that person who is sour no matter what, and we also know that person who just exudes positivity no matter what is crumbling down around them. And what is important to know is that we remember both types easily, as they affect those around them. What type would you want to be known for?

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People with negative attitudes see the problems in all situations. They focus on the shortcomings of others, complain about their lot in life and point the finger at others. Their language is also negative and comes from a place of anger or victimhood. Those with positive attitudes, on the other hand, see the good in situations and the opportunities in problems. They use uplifting language when talking to others and in their self-talk, and take responsibility for their actions. They lift others up and are confident, sincere and able to adapt easily.

The good news is that we are totally and fully in control of our attitude. We are not fated to have a certain type of attitude. It’s an inside job, not shaped from the outside. We can influence our environment, and not have it influence us in a negative way. And if you think that attitude doesn’t matter, how many high-functioning, visionary, successful people have you seen or met who had poor or negative attitudes? One cannot have a negative attitude and reap positive results…or at least not for long.

Having a positive attitude gets noticed, especially in the workplace. Having a positive attitude is measurable – getting promoted, increased sales, fewer sick days, and increased productivity are tangible results from having a positive attitude. A persons with a positive attitude also handles stress better, and can improve the attitude of those around them, just as a negative attitude can influence others in that way.

Having a positive attitude is more than just smiling and having an upbeat personality – it’s a way of being, and can be your greatest asset, in all parts of your life.

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