“This past year I decided to focus on growing my business. Now, my business is growing and a big part of it is because of Hina.”  – Danielle


For the professionally ambitious, getting ahead requires constant examination leading to personal growth. Adding more value to the workplace can mean developing new skill sets or improving upon existing ones. Coaching is for individuals who are serious about creating lasting changes that lead to measurable results.

Coach Hina Khan’s service is a tool for change that aligns purpose, vision, and goals, so that the individual can take control of their growth and trajectory. She does this by first helping identify limiting beliefs, those ideas that on a conscious and subconscious level hold us back from achieving our goals. She then applies her signature system of working “from the inside out,” which involves creating a personalized success strategy.

thinking into    results

Thinking Into Results is a combination of group and one-on-one coaching designed to re-invigorate the individual with the quest to discover one’s purpose and possibility.

Designed for both entrepreneurs and seasoned executives, Thinking Into Results is divided into twelve sessions that begin with learning how to set quantum-leap goals. The program then looks at our habits, efficiency, and productivity to understand the barriers to our success. The final sessions move towards developing the new mindset required to analyze problems and empower oneself to make changes.

The ultimate goal of Thinking Into Results is to develop the mindset required to define and achieve meaningful and lasting change.


Try a Discovery Session:

Before deciding next steps let’s determine if coaching is for you through a discovery call. The only requirements are that you be open & honest, and willing to have an exciting & engaging conversation about who you are and what you desire for yourself.