Do You Know How To Think?

December 7, 2018

Do You Know How To Think?

By: Hina Khan

The mind has an average of 80,000 thoughts a day. A day. That’s a lot of energy and synapses firing away between the ears. But did you know that 90 percent of those thoughts deal with the past or recycled thoughts? That means we spend most of our day operating out of past experiences and old thoughts. We are rarely in the moment, and often we are reacting to external situations and people. Now don’t take this personally (why would you?), but what a lot of we are doing isn’t thinking – it’s mental chatter.

So what does it mean to think? To really think?

When I talk about thinking, I am speaking about coming from a growth mindset. That is, we move away from the idea that we are static and stuck in one place or way of being. Anyone in a fixed mindset feels that where they are is where they will always be. There is no room for development or movement. When we carry with us a growth mindset, we see potential for vast improvements. We feel that life is all about learning and getting better at whatever it is we put our minds to. It’s about possibilities.

Thinking involves coming from a place of transforming how we view ourselves and how we view the world. It’s a paradigm shift, a new perspective. Instead of seeing ourselves as limited, we view ourselves as capable of anything. And we start to think from that place, to create a vision of ourselves, and to act from that vision.

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It’s easy but not always simple to switch how we operate, mentally. So how can we shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset? Here are three ways to go about it:

1. Become aware of your limiting thoughts. Catch yourself rehashing old beliefs and stories (“I will never get that promotion,” or “Only talented people can run a successful business,” etc.) This is important to be able to see when you start down this track.
2. Interrupt the pattern of thought. Stop it as soon as you catch it. Don’t continue the thought.
3. Consciously choose the thoughts of who you are becoming and what goals you have. Use those empowering and positive thoughts to replace the old thoughts.

By doing this, repeatedly, as often as you can, you start to reprogram your mind. You start to see things (and yourself!) differently. You reduce the cycle of mindless mental chatter and start thinking your way into results. From this thinking you will start to create new and beneficial habits which will get you closer to your goals!

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