Taking Responsibility For Your Productivity and Life

November 19, 2018

Taking Responsibility For Your Productivity and Life

By: Hina Khan

It’s your life.

Take a moment to let that sink in. We hear it, but we don’t let it truly resonate within. And when you have something as big and powerful as your own life and the way you live it, you have the one thing that determines how it will unfold. There is one magic wand that you can wave and change the whole trajectory of your life. And that thing is choice.

Responsibility is a choice, and it truly is the key to freedom. Choosing what goes on in your life and taking ownership of it, no matter which direction it goes, is critical to the success of your professional and personal life. It’s a principle you must embrace if you are to achieve your goals and dreams.

There is an old expression that goes “If it’s on your plate, you must have ordered it.” That’s a tough bite to swallow if you are someone who finds it easier to point the finger at someone else rather than yourself. If we put ourselves at the whims of others, and shirk our role of taking responsibility for ourselves, we will find that our mental state will flag, and our actions and behaviors will follow suit. We become victims, when we were meant to be victors!

When we refuse to accept responsibility for our actions and our lives, we turn over our power to other people and situations. We lose our uniqueness, our essence, our ability to be of service to others and ourselves. When we accept responsibility, including our mistakes, we learn and grow. We develop confidence in ourselves. We learn to control our circumstances. And even when we can’t control the situation, we learn to control our responses to that situation. We are never powerless.

We learn to take responsibility by refusing to resort to excuses, by ignoring that negative voice in our heads. We empower ourselves to take charge of our energy levels, our language and the way we comport ourselves at work and at home. It takes courage to be responsible for our lives, but the payoff is profound. We become enormously productive in all areas of our lives.

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It is also important that we don’t take responsibility for other people’s lives. Stay in your lane. When we begin to take on the responsibility for another person’s feelings, results or actions, we destroy their self-reliance and self-respect. This is as important in the business world as it is in our personal lives.

Taking responsibility for our lives is a game changer. We get to choose what happens and how it happens. We learn from our mistakes and we stretch ourselves into our authentic self. We start to replace the old stories of victimhood and passivity with strong narratives of strength and abundance. Others start to see the difference in us. We are more decisive at work and we have greater integrity with our word. We alone are in control of who we decide we want to be.

Everything in your life is a choice, and as we take more responsibility in it, our world changes. We change. Remember – you are responsible for your happiness, your health, your wealth and your emotional and mental state. Don’t give into the blame game. Take charge and see the difference it makes!

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