Why You Need a C-type Goal

November 22, 2018

Why You Need a C-type Goal

By: Hina Khan

We all know the importance of goals. Without a goal we are rudderless in the sea, at the control of the random waves and winds which move around us. Having a goal sets us in the right direction, and gives us a map to move towards it. But what kind of goals are you setting?

The true purpose of a goal is to grow and stretch us. That only comes when we set a goal which is big. And I mean big! The type that gives you butterflies when you think about it. The stretch goal. And that’s what we call a C-type goal. But before we can understand what a C-type goal is, let’s understand the other types of goals – the A-type and B-type goals.

An A-type goal is something we know how to do. I think of it as a task. We may have a lot of those goals on our to-do list right now. A B-type goal is one that we think we can do, and are pretty sure we can do it. We know the exact route it will take to get there. But here’s the problem with B-type goals: as soon as there is an issue, or a bump in the road, we abandon those goals, because there is no inspiration in them, and that is why we let them go. There is no stretching involved, or very little. Your typical SMART goal fits in this B-type goal category.

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What we want to go after is a C-type goal. A goal that we do not know how we are going to attain, because it is something we have never done before. In order to identify this goal you must go up to where the air is a little thin. You must use your imagination to think of your C-type goal. Engage a bit of daydreaming when you think of your big goal. It must frighten you a bit (or a lot!) And the hallmark of a goal like this is that you are unaware of the “how” of it. Don’t let that stop you from dreaming it up!

Once you identify your C-type goal, write it down. So very few people have their goals written down. Have a goal card, or a reminder of what your goal is. And when you write it, keep it in the present tense (start with “I am so happy and grateful now that I ____”), keep it positive, make it specific what you want to be / do / have (ex. How many clients, revenue, etc.) and also put a future date on it.

Keep your goal card written nearby, and look at it as often as you can. Impress upon yourself that this goal as already happening. Stay in that vibration, because what energy you emit is what you attract!

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