How To Stay In Action Even When You’re Out Of Your Comfort Zone

December 6, 2018

How To Stay In Action Even When You’re Out Of Your Comfort Zone

By: Hina Khan

Over 90% of goals are never achieved. Take that in. The number is so high because most people don’t push through the fear. They feel trapped by their old ways of thinking, acting and behaving. They don’t see the potential in themselves, or if they do, they feel that it’s a luxury, that they’re not like those “other” successful people they see around them. They believe they aren’t cut from the same cloth as goal-getters and achievers.

The reality is that anyone can hit the marks and grasp that golden ring, if they truly want it, and know how to get it. The key is getting out of your comfort zone (which just loves to keep you small and safe, but it’s also very boring) and taking the steps and actions that will catapult you towards your big goal.

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Here are 5 steps to get you towards your goal

  • Lock into a big goal – know your “what” and your “why”. What is that big stretch goal of yours? This is key! (See my article on that here)
  • Once you have the goal set, you want to create a mental image of you in the attainment of that goal, so that you’re creating a picture in the subconscious mind where there is none right now. You’re inputting data into your mind of what you want. Keep that mental image going as often as you can.
  • As you move towards your goal, it will require you to do things that are not comfortable. Understand that you will have two opposing feelings at the same time – “I want to do this,” and “I can’t or shouldn’t.” These two feelings at the same time will create anxiety in your body. This may be interpreted as a sign of shouldn’t do it, but it really is a sign of moving forward, and that you’re closer than you think.
  • Move into action, from the place of the goal, not from the place of the fear or your current place and results. Understand that the process will require not doing things that aren’t easy or fun. Your purpose has to be bigger than your comfort zone. As Albert E.N Gray once stated: “Successful people are influenced by the desire for pleasing results. Failures are influenced by the desire for pleasing methods and are inclined to be satisfied with such results as can be obtained by doing things they like to do.
  • Be around people who have done what you want to do or who are at the level you want to be at. It can be people in your circles, or it can be virtual, like listening to those people’s podcasts, etc. You can be mentored in many ways. Staying with people in a higher vibration and with great results will help to up your own game!

You have it within you to be the success you were created to be!

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